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Mark Steyn deals with the mean-spirited comments of Alan Colmes and Eugene Robinson. They felt it necessary to kick at Rick Santorum for mourning the loss of their still-born child in order to gain some political ground.

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One could weep at the inhumane viciousness. And this from those who fancy themselves to be kinder, wiser and more compassionate. As Steyn notes:

In 1996, the Santorums were told during the pregnancy that their baby had a fatal birth defect and would not survive more than a few hours outside the womb. So Gabriel was born, his parents bundled him, and held him, and baptized him. And two hours later he died. They decided to take his body back to the home he would never know. Weirdly enough, this crazy weird behavior is in line with the advice of the American Pregnancy Association, which says that “it is important for your family members to spend time with the baby” and “help them come to terms with their loss.” 
And as Peter Wehner of Commentary stated:
The second point is the casual cruelty of Robinson and those like him. Robinson seems completely comfortable lampooning a man and his wife who had experienced the worst possible nightmare for parents: the death of their child. It is one thing to say you would act differently if you were in the situation faced by Rick and Karen Santorum​; it’s quite another to deride them as “crazy” and “very weird,” which is what commentators on the left are increasingly doing, and with particular delight and glee.

These comments by Colmes and Robinson were cruel, vicious and so profoundly mean spirited that it is almost unfathomable.  But such are the times we live in.

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