Ameriphobia A Hate Crime?

Since many of the mass murders seem to be motivated by Ameri-phobia and the hatred of a particular culture, why aren't they considered hate crimes?


It Wasn't A Disgruntled Movie Critic?

Benghazi was first dismissed as a movie review gone bad. Then it took years for her to finally admit that the murders and invasion of an embassy wasn't just the thoughtful outrage of dissatisfied movie buffs. And then she brushed it all under the rug by asking, "What difference, at this point, does it make?”

With the Colorado Springs shooting, she tweets at 3:36 PM, 1 hr and 16 mins before the shooter was even taken into custody, that "Today and every day, we #StandWithPP." How did she so quickly divine the motives of this shooter? And why didn't she first assume that he was an angry movie critic?


Judging Others

Almost without fail, those who make proclamations about not judging others are the busiest at judging others. Especially the non-religious do-gooders.


Remember when the EPA said that the contractor was "very careful" but had simply "miscalculated" and that the ocean was "restoring itself" because nature can and does clean things up during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill?

Yeah. Neither do I.


Racial Profiling

You say that cops racially profile.
In protest, you support a group based solely on race in a climate encouraging cop killings.
I guess that will probably help the profiling problem...


Che v Lee

Victor Davis Hanson makes some great points about the comparison of some of the left's favorite role models and the current hysteria over things the left would like to throw in the dust bin of history.

Slavery is horrible and should be shunned by decent people everywhere.

Communism, Che's ideology of choice, enslaves and murders more people than any other ideology.

And it is particularly brutal.

Shouldn't both be shunned as ideological enemies?

So by all means, go ahead and get on your high horse and ride. But maybe say a word or two about other devilish ideologies and butchers that also have blood on their hands.