Legalized Prostitution And Morphed Values

A long article but interesting look at legalized prostitution by Nisha Lilia Diu.

It is also an example of where supporters of an issue will morph over time and eat their own tail - become the very people whom they used to seek to destroy. For example, feminists who at one time might have lobbied on behalf of legalizing prostitution as a women's rights issue in order to "improve working conditions" or to provide health and retirement benefits without judgement of the behavior transform to see the logic of banning the activity and conclude that it may not be the most psychologically/spiritually uplifting or liberating profession for women. (Of course they never seem to see their double standard of heaping copious amounts of judgment on the men in these transactions. Women are just pursuing their only means of making a living or fulfilling their desire whereas men should be expected to control their carnal desires. The soft bigotry toward women of low or different expectations.
[BTW, a belief system that teaches that we are children of a moral God who expects us to control desires and be holy goes a long way toward achieving the feminist objective of mutual respect.]

Heck, the tail eaters might even seek a shorthand method to discourage the behavior, to establish social norms and to protect the dignity, health and well-being of women by labeling the behavior as, say, immoral. Callow and myopic vigor often shakes its fist at the establishment and seeks to undo perceived intolerance without fully grappling with the attendant nuance and difficulties of large and complex issues. Sometimes there are no great solutions but only imperfect trade-offs.

Be careful which fences you tear down.

[The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail.]


Warren Has a Problem With a Rigged System

You see this graphic floating around them interwebs:

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