Che v Lee

Victor Davis Hanson makes some great points about the comparison of some of the left's favorite role models and the current hysteria over things the left would like to throw in the dust bin of history.

Slavery is horrible and should be shunned by decent people everywhere.

Communism, Che's ideology of choice, enslaves and murders more people than any other ideology.

And it is particularly brutal.

Shouldn't both be shunned as ideological enemies?

So by all means, go ahead and get on your high horse and ride. But maybe say a word or two about other devilish ideologies and butchers that also have blood on their hands.


Who Has To Respect The Laws?

Victor Davis Hanson has some common sense things to say about illmigrants and their relationship with the law and the broader question about lawlessness.

The subject of illegal immigration is, above all, a matter of law enforcement.

Ultimately, no nation can continue to thrive if its government refuses to enforce its own laws. Liberal “sanctuary cities” such as San Francisco choose to ignore immigration laws. Imagine the outcry if a town in Utah or Montana arbitrarily declared that federal affirmative action or gay marriage laws were null and void within its municipal borders.

If federal immigration law does not apply to foreign nationals, why should building codes, zoning laws, or traffic statutes apply to U.S. citizens?


Who Are The Neanderthal Bigots?

It really isn't about a black man's way of thinking or a Latina woman's perspective, it is about who is a leftist. More on this here.
The left isn't really interested in women's advancement, they are interested in leftist women's advancement. The left isn't really interested in black's advancement, they are interested in leftist black's advancement. The left isn't really interested in homosexual's advancement, they are interested in leftist homosexual's advancement. This is why any of these groups and others on the right are mocked and ridiculed by the left. This is why the left feels comfortable mocking and making racist comments about blacks such as Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Shelby Steele, JC Watts, Juan Williams, Clarence Thomas. (Juan Williams being a particularly pertinent example since he is a man of the left.) Similarly, leftists feel no guilt or shame about their own sexist impulses when they dismiss the woman of the right, or their homophobic comments about right leaning gays, or any other group they claim to care about when it deviates from the leftist mantra.

...the left is not interested in intellect per se, but is interested in leftist intellectuals.

The most vile, sexist and racist epithets are hurled at anyone on the right no matter what their educational pedigree is. Feminism, racial sensitivity, decency, nuance and any number of other concerns are kicked to the curb when leftism is jilted.

Anything can be said about those on the right. And leftists can be as sexist, homophobic, racist, bigoted, mean-spirited and repugnant as they want. They claim to be none of it while doing all of it.

Jonah Goldberg's article deals with the inanity of the racial aspects of this double standard.