Booing Romney

Rep. Pelosi (0:40) in an interview with Peter Cook on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock" said that Romney getting booed "Was a calculated move on his part." What could she have possibly meant? Touré informs us:
Why would he bother going to the NAACP convention to get booed? Because the real audience wasn’t in the room. He wanted to be booed by that black audience so that white conservatives — who still don’t see him as one of them — and white undecideds would see that he’s unafraid to talk down to black people, to offend them, to be their villain, to make them boo.
Wow. Just wow.

That's some contempt Touré has for the NAACP crowd. They are such fools that the enemy can come into their midst and they fall for the taunting. The red cape comes out and the crowd is unable to do anything but charge. Are they no better than wild animals in Pelosi and Touré's eyes? They are so reflexive and so Pavlovian that they are not capable of resisting the taunt?

Worse yet if they were conscious of Romney's deviant tactics and booed anyway it suggests that they made the decision to boo knowing it would be encouragement to the racist whites and therefore had the potential to bring Romney more votes.

How is it that all these nuanced, smart leftists keep falling for the clever Machiavellian slights of hand of the right? How was Romney able to enter an auditorium filled with smart people who are primed to disagree, and presumably are on guard against his crafty ways, and turn them into mind-numbed boo-ers? Apparently the man is a master of the Jedi mind trick - wave the hand, get the boo.

Furthermore, isn't Touré making the abused wife argument? That is, an abusive husband beats his wife, but don't blame him because she has it coming. He does bad things, but she brought it on herself. This will be happy news for rapists across the land. Predatory actions are justified because women have it coming, dressing as they do nowadays.

That's right. Blame the victim.

One wonders if this could happen in reverse? That is, a leftist shows up at a conservative gathering of a group that associates based on skin color in 2012 and is booed, thereby validating the leftist's racist base? Oh wait, conservatives don't convene in groups based on skin color.

OK, let's say the leftist shows up at an NRA meeting and gets booed. That's a fairly homogeneous group that bitterly clings to guns and religion, has antipathy toward people who aren't like them and who have simple conspiratorial answers to explain their frustrations. That's a closer fit. Anyway, that the speaker is booed confirms that the leftist tricked the dolts into booing in order to confirm the anti-gun bona fides of the candidate and therefore gin up the gun-hating base.

Well, that is just plain silly. But I guess it would confirm the racism of the NRA crowd. Because the left would properly place the responsibility for the booing in this case on the boo-ers. After all, they didn't blame President Obama for Rep. Wilson's retort, they just, uh, dismissed him as a racist.

Wait. That seems like a double standard. I guess that makes the rule: if whites boo a black, it is the racist white's fault; if blacks boo a white, it is the racist white's fault. Ugh.

Why Pelosi and Touré cannot find the locus of responsibility for the booing without peering into the misty depths of Romney's unprovable racism says more about the race card they are playing, their contempt for blacks, their fevered imaginations, their desire to win at all costs or all of the above.

But Romney was damned if he did and damned if he didn't. One suspects that if he didn't tell the NAACP his position on ObamaCare, he would have been hounded for pandering and running from his position.

It just goes to show that everything a conservative does is racist. Support a conservative black. Racism. Speak at the NAACP. Racism. Don't speak at the NAACP. Racism. Desire photo ID to vote. Racism. Don't support minimum wage laws. Racism. Vote against Obama. Racism. Vote for Obama. Racism. Had eggs for breakfast. Racism.

This is profoundly insulting to black America. It is depressing if Touré and Pelosi believe that the NAACP crowd is so stupid and easily manipulated and their contempt is deep. If they are right, it is more depressing still.

It hurts the brain. And the heart. Boo.

UPDATE: Taranto has nice puns:
We thought Mormons weren't allowed to have boos. But Mitt Romney drew some at the NAACP convention the other day, most notably for promising to repeal ObamaCare.
Lawrence O'Donnell on the matter:
And tell me, Goldie, if I`m being too cynical, to think that the Romney campaign actually went in that room today with the hope of getting booed, at least three times, because they want the video of their candidate being booed by the NAACP to play in certain racist precincts where that will actually help them?
Taranto continues:
...the Democratic left, which relies on the perception that racism remains prevalent in America, and that the GOP is racist, both to motivate black voters and to maintain its own self-identity as morally superior.

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