Job Killer

Is there ever a condition where laying off staff is a good decision? What if you owned a company and the market changed and you had to lay off people? Could we all point to you and blame you for firing people for your own gain? After all, saving the business would accrue to your benefit. Heck, you might even be paid a bonus for keeping the company afloat so that it can hire again some day.

Should buggy whip companies still be employing people? Should Kodak not be able to adjust workforces because their share of the market has diminished? Do you have the same level of anger for the lost jobs at places like Solyndra? And do you ascribe those cuts as Obama slashing jobs for his own gain? Was giving Trade Adjustment Assistance money to each employee buying votes or could it in any way improve his political aspirations? Should elected government officials be giving money out to potential voters? Did Obama gain by getting $1.09 Million worth of lobbying out of Solyndra? Since money allocated to the company from government loans was paying the bills, did Obama and fellow Democrats gain from the campaign contributions of Solyndra employees?

We could tit-for-tat all day long. No policy or plan will be perfect. That is where spiritual people who believe there is an afterlife have an advantage over the secularist. The believer postpones utopia to the afterlife. A person of the left and secularists are compelled to create Utopia here on earth. Everything will not turn out perfect for everybody. Sometimes companies have to lay off staff. There are many left-wing Obama-philes who lay off people all the time.  And sometimes they are not very nice about it.  Heard of Hollywood anyone? It is just that they don't get demonized and drug out in front of the world by the right because the right act like grown ups and understand that sometimes businesses have to adjust to real life conditions.

The left's paper of record, The New York Times, is struggling with this right now. The company is having to make hard decisions about whether they can afford to continue with their current pension scheme. Of course, the dogmatic Utopians are wailing about how this means the management is a pack of wolves that is trying to make a killing on the backs of the proletariat. So not only is Romney a job slashing dog, but so is the NYT when they are faced with the financial realities of running their business.

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