I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

Alexandra Pelosi's videos highlighting the difficulties in each of the parties came with some predictable commentary from Maher. However, the keeper was not that Maher couldn't excuse and apologize for the riff-raff in his camp fast enough, but his assertion that he or Alexandra could not possibly be racist.

Who can know if they are, but to suggest that giving money to the Obama Super PAC or that being the daughter of Rep. Pelosi somehow obviates racism is silly - no stupid. Has there never been a son or daughter of anyone who had different views than their parents? Would he sit in wonderment if an upstanding northerner had a child who had racist beliefs?

Maher didn't seem to think that contributing to or voting for Herman Cain undid any racist tendencies of Republicans.

14 May 2011: "Republicans say they love [Herman Cain] so they're not racist - right"
11 June 2011: Gingrich is Republican 'Polling Behind a Black Guy'
7 Oct 2011: In Modern Republican Party ‘Denying Racism Is The New Racism’
21 Oct 2011: Panel discusses denying racism resists is the "new racism" and how "stupid" Herman Cain is

And one must wonder, for all of the sniffing at the idea that he or she could possibly be racist, isn't his open admission that he has lower standards for blacks clear evidence the he may in fact be racist - his protestations notwithstanding. For as we know from the links above, when a Republican says he is not a racist, it is proof positive that he is.

Just another classic example of the stunning lack of self-awareness on the left.

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