Racism on the Left

This is the effort that we are seeing of Jim Crow. Some of these folks in Congress right now would love to see us as second class citizens. Some of them in Congress right now with this Tea Party movement would love to see you and me… hanging on a tree.
Politico article, ABC News article

Rep. Andre Carson is clearly a person that cannot simply disagree. Those he disagrees with have to have hidden agendas and must be degenerate, immoral, evil racists. Could it be that those he disagrees with simply have a different vision about the size and scope of government?

And this from a man who arguably belongs to one of the few overtly, objectively and definitionally racist organizations in America today, the Congressional Black Caucus. Why purely racist? Because membership is solely a function of skin color. Even though he was ideologically aligned with the CBC, Stephen Cohen was not allowed to join because he was not the correct race. One of the co-founders noted that "it was "critical" that the group remain "exclusively African-American.""

What does Mr. Carson make of blacks who show up at the Tea Party rallies? Have they missed the motivation of this secret society that Mr. Carson sees so clearly? Or are they too using the ruse of smaller government to cover their blood lust to hang blacks in the town square?

And how is it that Mr. Carson so clearly knows the motives of those in the Tea Party? Couldn't it just as easily be said that the members of the CBC wanted to participate in the black flash mobs in Wisconsin that targeted and assaulted white people? Or that owing to disagreements on foreign policy, there are some in Congress, right now with this CBC movement, who would love to gas Jews? Why couldn't somebody on the right just as easily divine the motives of the CBC as Mr. Carson has done? But only a child, or a manipulative demagogue, could turn disagreement into the most ugly and odious action of lynching. Is it really possible that Mr. Carson thinks that some of his fellow elected compatriots want to see blacks lynched based solely on the flimsy evidence that they - gasp - disagree with him on certain policy issues?

Why are blacks in general and Mr. Carson in particular excused from the normal moral rules of society? Had a white person - even a white liberal - said that the Tea Party wants to see blacks hanging from trees, would the opprobrium of his peers be appropriate? And if you think the answer is yes, then you must ask why you would hold a black man to a lower standard. Contempt? Racism?

And then there's the contempt that Mr. Carson must have for his constituents. That he is willing to race-bait in order to secure support for his side is appalling. But then again, maybe the same quiet voices that informed former President Jimmy Carter's view that an "overwhelming proportion" of the vocal opposition to Obama stems from the "inherent feeling" that "an African-American should not be president," are are informing Mr. Carson. Neither of these men are burdened by providing proof. They merely assert and walk on. If anyone's motives are ripe for questioning, it would be these two men and others like them for presenting the "when did you stop beating your wife" argument.

We can test whether the motivations of those in the Tea Party are rooted in the swamp of racism. Who would be happier if blacks in America woke up tomorrow and said, "I am no longer angry at America. Thank God I live in a wonderful, free country where I can lift myself out of bad circumstances, overcome past injustices and where the vast majority of my fellow Americans of every race, creed and color wish me well."? Tea Partiers or the CBC? Without grievance, the CBC - and for that matter the Democratic Party - lose much of their reason to exist.

This was a reprehensible and stupid comment by Mr. Carson. He should resign for this obscenity. If sexting is sufficient cause to ask a member of Congress to resign - and it is - then this level of slander and hate speech should be cause for resignation as well.

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