There is a lot of discussion about how the Tea Party Republicans are intransigent and are unwilling to compromise during the debt ceiling debate. Nanci Pelosi said that Democrats "were forced into something in order to raise the debt ceiling." Apparently they were reluctant to compromise too.

Of course people want as little compromise as possible. They have ideals, beliefs values and visions that differ. And to the extent that they compromise their beliefs they are sacrificing their values. (This isn't to say we shouldn't compromise. Just that compromise comes at a price.)

This is true for Democrats and Republicans. Democrats want to give up as little ground as possible just as Republicans do. Democrats are as unwilling to negotiate away their beliefs as Republicans. Would Rep. Pelosi feel uncomfortable negotiating away key elements that she thought were vital and important? We know the answer because of her past record and acknowledging that there are "bitter pills" in the bill. But is she asking the other side to set aside their beliefs without putting up resistance?

Also, agreeing that it is a "Satan sandwich" indicates her lack of desire to vote for this bill and her desire to not have to compromise her beliefs.
It probably is, with some Satan fries on the side.
That's called compromise.

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